NameNottawasaga Island lighthouse
AddressCollingwood ON
CategorySights / Landmarks / Museums

Nottawasaga is a word of Algonquin origin composed of 'Nottawa' meaning 'Iroquois' and 'Saga' meaning 'mouth of the river'. When Algonquin scouts spied Iroquois raiding parties approaching their settlements near present-day Collingwood, they would pass along the word 'Nottawasaga', meaning 'Iroquois at the mouth of the river...
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Visitor Info
The closest land to the island is a community of private homes, where a distant view of the lighthouse is possible from Princeton Shores Park on Princeton Shores Road. (There are a pair of tennis courts in the park.) A more distant view of the lighthouse is possible from the spit that protects Collingwood Harbour. To get there, take 1st Street (Highway 26) in Collingwood east and then turn north on Heritage Drive and continue to its end where you will find a parking area. The lighthouse is owned by the Canadian Coast Guard. Grounds/tower closed.

Coordinates44.53857, -80.25869
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