NameLynde Shores Conservation Area
AddressVictoria St W, Whitby, ON, Canada
CategorySport / Activities / Outdoor

Lynde Shores Conservation Area

Activities: Admission, Lake River Reservoir, Education Interpretive, Handicapped Access, Picnic Facilities, Hiking, Fishing, Cycling, Winter Facilities, Explore the Outdoors

Established in 1972, the 272-hectare Lynde Shores Conservation Area, together with the adjacent Cranberry West Tract (40 hectares) is well known for its wildlife viewing opportunities. Including both Lynde Creek Marsh and Cranberry Marsh, the Lynde Shores Conservation Area provides excellent habitat for nesting birds and acts as an important stopover point for waterfowl and shorebirds migrating along the north shore of Lake Ontario. To help you get a closer look at this area, Lynde Shores Conservation Area has a number of looping trails from 1 to 5 kilometers in length, a 200 metre boardwalk and 3 waterfowl viewing mounds. Remember to bring your unsalted sunflower seeds to feed the chickadees along the Chickadee Trail.

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Phone: 905-579-0411
Address: Victoria St W, Whitby, Ontario
Latitude: 43.85481
Longitude: -78.96705
Coordinates43.85752, -78.95658
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