NameJumbo the Elephant
Address65 Talbot, St. Thomas, ON
CategorySights / Landmarks / Museums
DescriptionGiant roadside attraction Jumbo the Elephant was the star of P.T. Barnum's "Greatest Show on Earth" where, it is said, he brought in the largest crowds in the history of the circus. Captured in Africa, Jumbo spent time in London - where he was greatly loved - until PT Barnum purchased him to star in his circus. Londoners were most distressed to see him leave, in 1882: ...The beast had been a pet with the children in the London Zoological Gardens ... It required two weeks to build a van-like cage for the journey by sea [aboard the Assyrian Monarch], and then keepers went to the zoo to lead Jumbo to the ship... He strode along all right until the gate of the garden closed behind them and then lay down in the street. It was a pure case of elephantine obstinacy, and the animal wouldn't budge. There he measured his length in the dust for twenty-four hours despite all urging and entreaty, to the despair of his custodians, who little realized the wonderful effect the incident would have on the owner's pocketbook. ...
Coordinates42.77880, -81.20820
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