NameExposing Misconceptions in Health and Fitness
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EXPOSING MISCONCEPTIONS IN HEALTH & FITNESS This seminar will feature three different speakers covering a range of topics that aim to uncover certain myths and misconceptions in health and fitness. Presentations included are titled as follows: -- K(NO)W More Pain: The Truth About Why You Hurt - Nick Hannah, PT In this talk you will explore what pain is and why it happens. Nick will bust common myths related to pain using evidence, analogy and practical examples meant to help you re-conceptualize why you hurt. He will explore factors related to persistent pain to prove why changing pain beliefs is a critical part of the recovery process and ultimately, changing pain. -- Why Corrective Exercises Are Misleading - Ian Schnarr, CSCS This seminar will look at the corrective exercise training procedure, and breakdown whether or not it is a reliable method of training for reducing injury and improving performance. Ian will explore various lower and upper body 'abnormalities', and through the use of evidence and research explain why 'corrective exercise' might not have as strong a bearing on improving performance and reducing injury as many people have been led to believe. -- Managing Stress in Training and Competition - Nicole Westlund, PhD Sport Psychology This workshop will explore ways in which stress can appear in training and competition settings. Participants will learn concrete strategies that they can apply to their own lives to manage and reduce stress. -- Who's it for? Athletes. Coaches. Clinicians. Parents. Fitness Enthusiasts. General Population. -- Beverages and Snacks will be provided by Kara Smart Foods. -- Hope to see you all there!

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