NameCourageous Conversations & Empathy in Communications
Address192 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2C2, Canada
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These workshops are presented in collaboration with the Centre for Social Innovation, which are offered at no cost to members as part of a joint commitment to fostering meaningful inclusion and liberation in our spaces, our work and our communities.

This workshops explores engaging in difficult conversations in empathetic, meaningful and impactful ways. The session uses the anti-oppression framework to explore strategies to resolve conflict and build allyship. The session uses World Cafe facilitation methodology through participant led modules as well as facilitator led exercises. Participants will learn skills around initiating a difficult conversation, ending a difficult conversation and moving through conflict and discomfort. Empathy in communications is a core anti-oppression value anchoring this workshop, through an understanding of empathy and its critical role in fostering fruitful discussions, participants will gain applicable skills in conflict resolution and emotional literacy.

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