NameAgawa Canyon Tour Train
Address129 Bay St, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6Y2, Canada
CategorySport / Activities / Outdoor

Agawa Canyon Tour Train

Through the large windows of our coaches, the beauty of the region will unfold and you will experience the same rugged landscapes that inspired the Group of Seven to create some of Canada"s most notable landscape art.

As the Agawa Canyon Tour Train winds its way through this immense land, a GPS triggered commentary, available in five languages, will tell you about upcoming points of interest and share some of the rich history of the region with stories of the Ojibway, fur traders, explorers and entrepreneurs that pioneered this vast wilderness and called it home. As well, locomotive mounted digital cameras will provide an "engineer"s eye view" on the flat screen monitors installed throughout the coaches.

Just when you thought you"d experienced it all, the train will begin its descent into the canyon at Mile 102 and as the rail line hugs the top of the canyon wall you will travel down 500 feet over the next 10 miles to the floor of the Agawa Canyon, created over 1.2 billion years ago by faulting and widened and reshaped by the last ice-age that retreated 10,000 years ago. As the Agawa Canyon Tour Train pulls to a stop at Mile 114, you"ll have an hour and a half to experience the pristine beauty of Canyon Park up close. The whole family can enjoy scenic walks on gravelled trails leading to several waterfalls or experience an invigorating climb up over 300 stairs to the breathtaking Lookout, perched 250 feet above the canyon floor. For those who are looking for something a little more relaxing, enjoy a peaceful lunch in the many picnic areas throughout the park or just pull up a bench and watch the Agawa River flow peacefully by.

Though well maintained, this is a wilderness park setting and we recommend seasonal recreational clothing and footwear. There"s also plenty to photograph during your excursion so be sure to pack your camera.