NameBowmanville / Westside Marshes
AddressW Beach Rd, Bowmanville, ON, Canada
CategorySport / Activities / Outdoor

Bowmanville / Westside Marshes

Activities: Admission, Lake River Reservoir, Education Interpretive, Handicapped Access, Hiking, Fishing, Cycling, Winter Facilities, Explore the Outdoors

Opening in June 2006, the Bowmanville / Westside Marshes Conservation Area is over 80 hectares and includes two provincially significant coastal wetlands (Bowmanville Marsh and Westside Marsh) and surrounding lands. This Conservation Area provides habitat for nesting birds and acts as an important stopover point for waterfowl and shorebirds migrating along the north shore of Lake Ontario. The Area has a 1.5 Km looping trail around the upland area between the two wetlands. This trail is the right length for little ones and is generally stroller and wheelchair friendly. Two raised viewing mounds give visitors a good view of the area. For a workout, use the Waterfront Trail, which is directly accessible from the parking facility. Remember your camera, because you never know what you’ll see!

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Phone: 905-579-0411
Address: West Beach Rd, Bowmanville, Ontario
Latitude: 43.89307
Longitude: -78.67451
Coordinates43.89529, -78.67158
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