NameThe Whole Shebang: 'Past & Future: Lessons from the Vault'
Address1 North Square, Cambridge, ON
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Join Gallery Director Aidan Ware as she takes you behind the scenes for a first-time public tour of the renovated art vault in addition to exploring The Whole Shebang Project in our Queen's Square Gallery. Ware will discuss challenges faced by public institutions including collection conservation, longevity and lifespan, acquisition, and planning for the future. Using the collection as a springboard for discussion, she will offer perspective on the opportunities and challenges inherent in building and preserving a public art collection. Guided thematic tours for The Whole Shebang: a research project are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm and Saturday afternoons at 2:00pm. Image: Cambridge Art Galleries' Vault, 2017. Photo Scott Lee.

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