NameNew Year's Mini Getaway
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Are you in need of some 'me time'? Feeling overwhelmed and/or overworked? Come and join us for a half day of self care and pampering! You will experience 4 gentle, hands on treatments including: Bowen Therapy - Bowen therapy is a gentle, hands-on therapy that allows the body to rest, relax and restore its own function. It can help to reactivate the recovery process in situations where healing from trauma, sickness or surgery has plateaued. It is a manual therapy gentle enough to be used on babies right up to the elderly or critically ill. Bowen therapy consists of a series of 'Moves' that are followed by short pauses or 'Wait' times. The Bowen Move is very distinctive and is applied at very precise points on the body. The Move is a rolling-type motion using the thumbs and forefingers, and is designed to stimulate the connective tissue and nerve pathways. The Wait times allow the body to relax, thereby allowing the body to heal itself. Reiki - Reiki originates from Japan and translates into: Universal life-force energy. Reiki can be used to treat people of all ages and for a variety of concerns or overall wellbeing. Deep-seated emotional wounds, trauma, and stressors can be addressed from an energetic standpoint using this gentle hands on technique. Chronic pain, illnesses, emotional stressors, and even infertility can manifest from untreated emotional wounds and traumas. What have you been holding in your body that is no longer serving you or keeping you from achieving your goals? During sessions, Reiki can address your concerns, promote a deep state of relaxation and give your body the tools it needs to heal itself. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) involves a tuning-in (to your body, and what's going on for you right now); replenishing of your body's resiliency and ability to cope with difficult circumstances; and re-storing your internal resources. It is a form of therapy that focuses on your body's ability to heal. It is a gentle, subtle and holistic approach to healing. This approach follows your body's lead, letting your body determine what aspect it is ready to heal. The Biodynamic Craniosacral approach takes into account all experiences you've had in your life that were overwhelming for you to process at the time they occurred. It provides a healing environment for you to heal the experiences that your body is ready to heal. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy helps you access the resources you have within, and helps you build up your body's' ability to cope with difficult circumstances. Auricular Acupuncture - 5-point (NADA) - A non-verbal approach to healing that involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 30-45 minutes. NADA ear acupuncture is an adjunct therapy which is clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free and compatible cross-culturally. The combined application of acupuncture with counseling, education, medical support and self-help groups enhances opportunities for success. Benefits show: • Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation • Relief from stress, emotional trauma, various mental health concerns • An easier connection with counseling • A discovery of inner quiet and strength • An intention for recovery

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