NameJanuary's LDAWC Peer Support Network
Address197 Hanlon Creek Boulevard, Guelph, ON
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LDAWC peer support network's goal is to provide an informal setting to share experiences, challenges, successes and resources. Living, learning and/or working with a LD, or supporting a family member with LD, has its ups and downs. Come learn from others. Benefits are: Learning about relevant resources, supports and strategies Insights into what has and hasn't worked for parents and families Learning you and your student aren't alone through shared ideas and experiences Reduced stigma and stress Our facilitator, Gabriele Wright is a parent member of the LDAWC Board, and has learned a few key things about LDs from the ground up. From early primary to high school, Gabriele has found that not only reading about her daughter's LD …but talking with and learning from others was beneficial. As her family is now working on passing the (self-advocacy) torch to their daughter, it's still beneficial to share experiences and resources with others through informal peer networks.

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